#30 - Wendy’s Cooks up a Hiphop album

March 27, 2018

The title isn't a joke for once, wendy's literally put out a rap album. Listen to one of their original songs one minute into the podcast. Also, traffic cams may soon be a thing of the past in Ohio, as regulations may serve to make them a nonviable revenue model. In sports news, more is out about the city's case with precourt, and Columbus is on it's way to being a major hockey hub in the midwest, whatever in the world that means. More firearms protests and legal proposals from the city; we go through each one and respond.


#29 -The fight for 15 weeks

March 21, 2018

What constitutes life? What constitutes a living wage? What constitutes terrorism? What constitutes a 'first world way' to do away with your enemies and hear the lamentations of their women? Join us this week as we talk state abortion laws, proposed OSU and state minimum wage changes, and a Russian global terror plot.


#28 - Steeling from the homeless

March 16, 2018

Good lord, it seems like Eric can't go one week without a new story of weird encounters with the homeless. Oh well, I'm sure it's just random coincedence. Lots of happenings in local politics this week, as Kasich gives the State of the State, the Dem Governor primary debates estblish two clear frontrunners, and we talk about the implications on Trumps tariffs for jobs and income equality.


#27 - Towering Buildings and Rising Dragons

March 8, 2018

Lots of buildings being thrown up in the first week of March, as local businesses make public their budgets and plans for the year. We've also changed up the format a bit now, in order to more closely align our topics with Columbus news, and less often with regional/Ohio news. This week's feature is all about Xi Jinping, who half of the show's hosts are convinced is a dictator in all but name. Also, some local ice cream lady vents her feelings on twitter, some Dispatch journalist vents their feelings on Reddit, and more Ohioans than ever are packing heat.


#26 Bomb threats are booming

February 28, 2018

High school activism is at an all time high, both good and bad, in Ohio. On one hand, a record number of threats to shoot up or blow up schools are being reported. On the other, local Upper Arlington students are setting an example nationwide with a civil protest. In other news, Kucinich is intent on throwing away his chances at the governorship before he even starts, Columbus City Schools are jockeying for money in response to a state budget shortfall, and Columbus has literally demolished it's vacant building percentage.


#25 The ‘Talent Thief’ of the midwest

February 22, 2018

What city is brutally ripping away all that hard earned talent that the coastal cities earned fair and square? You guessed it, Columbus. In addition, a local business owner did the exact thing that you should never ever do on twitter in the wake of two dead Westerville police, the odds of the hyperloop not being vaporware looks to increase slightly, and we chat about yet another mass shooting, with a focus on the National Rifle Association this time around.


#24 Plummeting Apparel Sales and the Fashion Wage Gap

February 12, 2018

Would you spend $50 on a shirt or $120 on a pair of shoes? If you are the average American, then you just answered no. This week we talk about what is causing the fashion industry to bleed out, race baiting flyers put up around Hilliard, and a software developer who sought to use sexual favors as currency.


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~~~~~~~Construction roundup~~~~~~~~~~


New 5-story building


~~~~~~TWO MINUTES HATE~~~~~~

Girl gives a classmate a blowie in exchange for being able to take credit for making a bitcoin tracking app

Apple Care damn you

Canada PM Trudeau faces PC backlash over 'peoplekind' comment


Nonstop flights to Austin lol

Told you so.

For Scan, Bag, Go, shoppers use a wireless hand-held scanner to identify items as they shop, or their mobile phone via Kroger’s app. The app can give customers a running total of their order, offer coupons and even steer customers to weekly deals.

'It's okay to be white' flyers begin appearing in Hillard, the community and the mayor respond predictably.

A Democratic group backed by former President Barack Obama said this week it plans to invest millions of dollars in state-level elections in 11 states this year, with its heaviest focus on Ohio.
In Ohio, a perennial political battleground, the committee plans to support Democrats for five offices — governor, auditor, secretary of state, Ohio Senate and Ohio House — as well as pushing a redistricting ballot measure.

~~~~~~~~~~~Debate and Discussion~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Male models get paid anywhere from 10-25% of what female models do on average.


Would it be cool to have Esports in the olympics? Which games?




The death of clothing - Americans are spending less on clothing than before - somewhat being blamed on Amazon (which is stupid).


#23 Underrepresented Chinese immigrants conquer the world

February 6, 2018

Eric is back again to detail yet another story of the homeless hating him. Why does one man have so many stories about the homeless wanting to knife him? Are they Chinese sleeper agents trying to execute the anti manadrin propgandist? Does he offer to give them money through wechat? To find these answers, and more, tune in to this episode of Columbus this Week!

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~~~~~~~Construction roundup~~~~~~~~~~


Imagine walking or bicycling along an abandoned rail line with a clear view of the Downtown skyline. That’s what’s being planned for Franklinton: a mini-version of Manhattan’s wildly popular High Line trail.

The one in Franklinton would be 1,000 feet long, between the intersection of Lucas and Chapel streets and the Scioto River, and would run along an abandoned railroad viaduct and on bridges over West Town and West Rich streets near the 400 West Rich artist colony.

“It’s just a really cool view of Downtown,” said Brian Hoyt, a spokesman for Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

The elevated Columbus trail would be part of the Franklinton Loop Trail, a series of on-street and dedicated trails linking areas of Franklinton with the Scioto Trail along the Scioto River.


Short North will be allowing people to paint the construction barriers and whatnot


CoGo will be expanding bikeshare to other neighborhoods like Upper Arlington, Bexley, and Grandview

~~~~~~TWO MINUTES HATE~~~~~~


 Students take over campus building, issue list of 23 demands, including expulsion of right-wing student


"Well, here’s what my new life is like: I don’t wake up with a pit in my stomach every day, dreading what horrors accrued in my phone overnight."

"I don’t get dragged into protracted, bad-faith arguments with teenage boys about whether poor people deserve medical care, or whether putting nice guys in the friend zone is a hate crime."

"I shouldn’t have had to walk away from all that because for Twitter to take a firm stance against neo-Nazism might have cost it some incalculable sliver of profit"
 NYT is now a white supremacist paper. The multiple Nazi puff pieces, constant pro-Trump PR, and praise for Miller on today of all days is not exceptional -- it's the guiding ideology of the paper. I don't think every writer there shares it, but it dominates coverage #Unsubscribe


Students take over campus building, issue list of 23 demands, including expulsion of right-wing student. At Wooster University someone posted a racist meme in some conservative facebook group, and students decide to stage a protest to close down the building. Jesus.


Pretty cool - Pursuit is a suit company here in Columbus and they will be outfitting the USA Men's Curling Team which is pretty cool


The City of Columbus today unveiled a new set of policy guidelines that would change the way tax abatements are awarded for development projects and formalize the system of tax breaks offered for new businesses promising job growth.

In response to a growing chorus of opposition to the existing tax abatement policy – in which any new development in one of 16 designated neighborhoods is eligible for a 15-year, 100 percent property tax abatement – the city commissioned a study last year to examine the issue.

The number of affordable units required would break down like this – 10 percent of units “affordable and rented to” households making up to 80 percent of the average median income (AMI), and another 10 percent of units would go to households making up to 100 percent of the AMI.


Smart Columbus wants proposals to create and build the backbone of an information system to allow all the elements of a “smart city″ to talk to one another.

“This is really the heartbeat of the Smart Columbus” project, said Brandi Braun, deputy innovation officer for the city of Columbus who is working on the project. “All of our projects require data and will give off data.”

Smart Columbus is looking to build a web-based information system that will collect and share all of that data, Braun said. It will include data that allow vehicles, roads and streetlights to communicate.

The data will be open source — available to anyone online to allow entrepreneurs to look at and analyze the information and spark ideas for applications to make transportation more efficient.


SAN FRANCISCO — Gay-rights advocates plan a "No Gay? No Way!" campaign Thursday to pressure Amazon to avoid building its second headquarters in a state that does not protect its residents from discrimination for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Of the 20 cities on Amazon’s list of finalists, nine are in states with no anti-gay-discrimination laws, according to the campaign. They are Indianapolis; Austin and Dallas; Nashville; Atlanta; Columbus, Ohio; Miami, Raleigh, N.C.; and the D.C. suburbs of northern Virginia.


Over the course of past decade, Columbus has become a “renter-dominated market” along with 21 other major U.S. cities. That means that more than half of the population of the city of Columbus now lives in a rental units rather than an owned unit.

~~~~~~~~~~~Debate and Discussion~~~~~~~~~~~~~


“I’m in favor of anything that helps move the markets a bit, incentivizes competition and puts pressure on the big insurance carriers,” said Ashraf Shehata, a partner in KPMG LLP’s health care and life sciences advisory practice in the U.S.

No one can accuse the Trump administration of being boring, even when it comes to telecom. According to leaked documents, there is a proposal going around the White House to build a federally owned 5G telecommunications system — the next version of a mobile broadband network — or perhaps even to nationalize the 5G networks that private telecom companies are now building. (5G is the “fifth generation” wireless protocol, which promises to be faster and more secure than its predecessor, 4G, but requires new antennas and cell towers.)

The White House proposal, which at the moment is just an idea, appears driven by concerns about security threats related to China’s development of 5G networks. But the strongest case for building a national network is different. Done right, a national 5G network could save a lot of Americans a lot of money and revive competition in what has become an entrenched oligopoly. Done wrong, on the other hand, it could look like something out of Hugo Chávez’s disastrous economic playbook.

WeChat is popular in China - platform for everything, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and others blocked though, also China is implementing a national ID system through WeChat and you can even pay to upgrade to a color version!


#22 Crew News; Doctors urge Ohioans not to kill themselves

January 30, 2018

This week we are joined by a guest host and friend of the show, Sam, while Eric is on vacation. Lots of updates on ongoing Columbus happenings, as well as a discussion on a potentially controversial physician assisted suicide bill proposed on the Ohio legislature.

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-- Millenial Tower construction has been approved.

-- Indianapolis band The WldLfe is playing at Spacebar Feb 3rd from 9pm-12am.

https://twitter.com/search?q=donut dress code&src=typd&lang=en
-- The bar above the little donut shop has some interetsing things to say about certain groups of persons, also it's a laugh and a half because the sign is posted @ the donut shop itself

-- the NSA valued honesty and openness as core values, lolwut

-- Top 1% earn 82% of the World's wealth.

"Okay but like let’s not make any rash decisions @amazon. Call us when you’re ready. ☎️ #BringAtoB" - Birmingham, alabama
https://twitter.com/SteveDucey/status/955518012995416064 - more amazon salt
-- Mad about HQ2

-- Upcoming legal proposal to allow certain classes of persons to voluntarily end their own lives early

-- John Glenn has second busiest year ever, columbus shaping up to be a *TOURIST* destination.

-- Kroger is going to shuttle shoppers from closed norther lights location. Food desert?

-- Precourt hasn't been in contact with the city of austin RE construction so it's temp halted.


-- Montana implements net neutrality at the state level for isps

-- YOUVE GOT TO, MAKE A LITTLE PROFIT + BCC talk and scams in general

-- Company provides tracking info, unintended consequences. Would like a general exploration of the fact that we are being tracked everywhere, all the time. Your phone, youtr car etc can all be tracked.


#21 Clean your cars off or Amazon won’t move here

January 23, 2018

This week we talk about Columbus making Amazon's top twenty list, Columbus's lack of concern for throwing sheets of snow at other drivers at 50 MPH, and all the hottest spots to spit on people in our great city.

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