#57 - Hashtag Saved The Crew

October 17, 2018

The great Columbus soccer war is nearing its end with support from the people of the north, and Crew fans couldn't be any happier. Lots of dotted i's and crossed t's to come yet, but the commitment is all but final.

In other news: vote! Not educated enough? Luckily for you, for the next 4 weeks your favorite podcast, Columbus This Week, will be breaking down the major races and issues that effect you as a continual feature, my dear Columbusite.

#56 - Columbus Day, No More

October 12, 2018

Do you like Columbus day? If you said yes, odds are, you are Italian, or get the holiday off. City employees however, will have no such luck, as Columbus Day is now a working holiday for cowtown, and Veterans city is a city Holdiday. In other pulse pounding news, Columbus has now witnessed its first scooter shooting. Community events ramped up this week as well, with a ladies night at the garage (hosted by AA), coffee with a cop events all across central Ohio (but not in Columbus proper or the people's republic of Worthington), and new plans for fireworks in Pickerington.

As an aside, this episode is hosted solely by Trevor this week.

#55 - Stormy Seas for CPD

October 2, 2018

The women arrested with Stormy Daniels at Sirens back in July have filed a suit with the state of Ohio, under the grounds that the arrest was political and defamatory in nature. In less dramatic news, Chipotle aims to move 270 people to Columbus, Chase opens up a new FinTech center on the Otterbein campus, and CMH has been purged of all flights west of the Sierra Nevadas.

Special thanks to guest host Sam Walk for filling in for Eric.

#54 - Reefer Madness and Issue One

September 18, 2018

The struggle to have functional medical marajuana continues in Ohio, as new technologies are developing locally, and current providers fail to deliver. Meanwhile the midterms ads and political pieces are starting to drift out in preparation for November, and this year we only have one (1) issue on the ballot: Drug and Prison reform. We also discuss the tragic fifth third shooting, more scooter panic, and the city both acknowleding and ignoring the success of a certain popular bike lane.

Special thanks to guest host, Sam Walk!

#53 - Tasers for Tots

September 12, 2018

This week is abuzz with news, and Ohio has been making the national press after a young Cinci girl is tased during a shoplifting incedent.

What's the most Dangerous road in Columbus? The answer may not surprise you.

Sweeping scooter policy changes for the city of Columbus see a quick part three, in response to much criticism directed at the mayor's office.

#52 - Battle of the Crew Part 2

September 5, 2018

Authur Blank has ignited the passion the legion of Crew fans with two statements almost designed to send fans into a frenzy. Could the Austin Crew and a new Columbus team coexist? Did the city of Columbus inadequately fight for the Crew? Only time can validate Blank's predictions. In other news, a mass casualty comes out of Ross County Correctional Facility as nearly 30 inmates were exposed to fentanyl via the prison air vents. Rounding out our stories, the city has enacted legislation on shared bikes and scooters that could prove to make them more hazardous, with the intent of safety.

#51 - Urban Meyer and LimeBike vs. the World

August 28, 2018

Are you overjoyed or distraught or the Urban Meyer decision? If so, you probably don't live in Columbus, where citywide citizens came together to collectively say "Meh". In other news, our fair city gets yet another visit from el Presidente Trump this summer, while Kasich decided to avoid Trump and attend Matsuricon instead, cementing his tsundere relationship with Trump. In #savethecrew land, Precourt's team name and logo is a sight to behold. Not a good sight, but a sight nonetheless. Rounding out with the scooter beat, the city is digging its heels in and prepares to legislate the bike share and scooter share platforms that have begun popping up everywhere.

#50 - Shades of Scarlet and Gray

August 20, 2018

Lots of follow up stories this week, as the Urban Meyer OSU drama continues to heat up after the investigative committee follows up with Zack and Courtney Smith. In addition, we finally got to the root cause of the Chipotle food poising incident in Delaware county, the legislation around the 7% entertainment for Columbus is live, and the rental scooters are expanding at an explosive pace, with very tentative legal support from the city.

In new news, Grove City will soon be the hoppinest place in the world, as the host of the world's largest bounce house. Columbus makes yet another list about being a top city to live, this time taking the top spot for tech workers, we dive into why the metrics used to determine this result are skewed to favor certain locales over others like San Francisco. A Clintonville woman had an absurd amount of birds removed from her house via a joint effort of the local ASPCA and humane society. Want to know why she had almost one bird per square foot of house? Tune in to find out!

#49 - The Race To End No Races

August 14, 2018

Balderson. O'Connor. The election is down to the wire, with money bombs, presidential visits, key endorsements, and seemingly everything on the line, if you listen to the party rhetoric. The problem is, this race isn't even over when it's over, and the victory will by definition be fleeting, since the elected candidate has to win again in November, which raises the question: Why do the parties care so much about a special election that is going to be upset less than four months from now?

In other news, Ohio legislature expands the rights of Canine Americans, Microsoft is looking to provide wifi to rural Ohio as a test bed, the mystery Chipotle plague gets even more mysterious, and Columbus rounds out the top of a list of cities that support and grow small businesses.

#48 - Urban Meyer’s X

August 7, 2018

MWe can't avoid the elephant in the room this week, Urban Meyer is front and center of the local news cycle. The feature topic is an in depth discussion of the Urban Meyer scandal, the reactions from supporters and detractors, and a breakdwon of likely outcomes. In news that won't be making any headlines, we also talk about a three way twitter fight between LeBron James, Donald Trump, and John Kasich, Ohio's student debt problem, and the governor's bill to reign in on payday loan exploitation.