#34 - Coastal elites discover Fox in the Snow for the sixth time

May 1, 2018

Tax season may be over, but the state and city are still looking for money where ever it can be found. ECOT's money? Ohio's money now. Extra revenue from John Glenn? Extra revenue for the city you mean. Luckily, with great budgets, come great libraries, free buses to downtown, and presumably less taxes needed next year.

In larger news, the moderates are polling well, given that their competition seems very intent on throwing their own primary away.

For those of you following the housing market, it seems the trend of people from New York coming to Columbus and gushing about the same four New Yorker owned businesses has no end in sight, so a house is basically an investment if you think about it.


#33 - The old sport is dead; long live the esports

April 25, 2018

As OSU football fans mourn the loss of Earle Bruce, fans of a different type of sports are cheering the announcments from a different Ohio university. Tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money will go to people good at certain video games. In addition we talk about problems keeping your neighborhood nice in Hilltop, the Cleveland greyhound that got lost on it's way to NYC and ended up in western Ohio, and much more.


#32 - Columbus 2: The homeless strike back

April 18, 2018

Eric's sworn enemy, the homeless masses, have had enough with his yuppie kind, and stabbed one. In addition, the Crew  move to Austin is on its way to being a giant legal drama, the kind that becomes a low budget cash grab film ten years after the fact. The city also may be getting a shake shack, and legalizing dogs in resturants and bars, although that seems like it'll happen over Eric's stabbed and bitten body.


#31 - Buying the crew,and legalization too

April 11, 2018

This week we get a glimpse at this year's marajuana legislation, which seeks to treat the drug like alcohol in almost every regard, including liscening and home development. In city related news, Columbu's own ROOT insurance just recieved one of the largest stage 3 funding amounts ever, the city is dead set on buying the crew, OSU revokes Bill Cosby's honorary degree, and much more.


#30 - Wendy’s Cooks up a Hiphop album

March 27, 2018

The title isn't a joke for once, wendy's literally put out a rap album. Listen to one of their original songs one minute into the podcast. Also, traffic cams may soon be a thing of the past in Ohio, as regulations may serve to make them a nonviable revenue model. In sports news, more is out about the city's case with precourt, and Columbus is on it's way to being a major hockey hub in the midwest, whatever in the world that means. More firearms protests and legal proposals from the city; we go through each one and respond.


#29 -The fight for 15 weeks

March 21, 2018

What constitutes life? What constitutes a living wage? What constitutes terrorism? What constitutes a 'first world way' to do away with your enemies and hear the lamentations of their women? Join us this week as we talk state abortion laws, proposed OSU and state minimum wage changes, and a Russian global terror plot.


#28 - Steeling from the homeless

March 16, 2018

Good lord, it seems like Eric can't go one week without a new story of weird encounters with the homeless. Oh well, I'm sure it's just random coincedence. Lots of happenings in local politics this week, as Kasich gives the State of the State, the Dem Governor primary debates estblish two clear frontrunners, and we talk about the implications on Trumps tariffs for jobs and income equality.


#27 - Towering Buildings and Rising Dragons

March 8, 2018

Lots of buildings being thrown up in the first week of March, as local businesses make public their budgets and plans for the year. We've also changed up the format a bit now, in order to more closely align our topics with Columbus news, and less often with regional/Ohio news. This week's feature is all about Xi Jinping, who half of the show's hosts are convinced is a dictator in all but name. Also, some local ice cream lady vents her feelings on twitter, some Dispatch journalist vents their feelings on Reddit, and more Ohioans than ever are packing heat.


#26 Bomb threats are booming

February 28, 2018

High school activism is at an all time high, both good and bad, in Ohio. On one hand, a record number of threats to shoot up or blow up schools are being reported. On the other, local Upper Arlington students are setting an example nationwide with a civil protest. In other news, Kucinich is intent on throwing away his chances at the governorship before he even starts, Columbus City Schools are jockeying for money in response to a state budget shortfall, and Columbus has literally demolished it's vacant building percentage.


#25 The ‘Talent Thief’ of the midwest

February 22, 2018

What city is brutally ripping away all that hard earned talent that the coastal cities earned fair and square? You guessed it, Columbus. In addition, a local business owner did the exact thing that you should never ever do on twitter in the wake of two dead Westerville police, the odds of the hyperloop not being vaporware looks to increase slightly, and we chat about yet another mass shooting, with a focus on the National Rifle Association this time around.