#44 - Red Cross Needs Blood For Riots in Pickerington

July 10, 2018

You won't believe what went down in the city of Pickerington this week during the city's annual fireworks display, but that might be because even the officer reporting the near riot struggles to believe what he's saying. Outside of that den of evil, things are so calm, that the biggest uproar in the entire metro area is changes to parking laws. If you live in Columbus proper, you may soon be required to move your car every 72 hours. In housing news, yet another national study paints a bullseye on Columbus as a red hot housing market, with an average turn around of just 6 days.


#43 - Stop Thinking of the Children

July 4, 2018

America's youth is in rough shape it seems, if the slew of articles and legislation in the air in Ohio are actually needed. From articles about how to prevent your child from burning themselves for fun, to legislation throwing 19 year olds in a rehabiliation school for sexting, this week has been all about protecting the children from themselves.


#42 - CoverMyTaxes

June 27, 2018

CoverMyMeds is looking to build their own #HQ2, and they would like you, the taxer payer, to provide a small grant of ~40 Million dollars for it. The BFA and the NRA are suing Columbus and Cinci, as exactly every person on the planet predicted, given the new gun legislation on the table. Meanwhile, the church(TM), Kasich, and the police are making a push for more gun control statewide. In news that won't die: Reagan Tokes act update, Crew lawsuit news, and the electric snek odds of being vaporware just went down 1%.


#41 - City Enacts Plan to Replace the Homeless with Gays

June 19, 2018

It's a fun week to be gay in Columbus, as Vice President Pence is protested during a serendipitous visit, drama brews over private security changes for the pride festival, and the festival itself finds protestors of the event arrested. If you are homeless however, it's not your week: as not only is Dublin going after you, but Columbus City has also introduced some rather aggressive anti-panhandling legislation, as well as plans for signage. In other news, the Columbus Police make the news once more for all the wrong reasons, the S in OSU stands for 'sue, and we talk about the political game behind voter registration and turnout.


#40 - Goodbye Foreign Beer, Hello Foreign Food

June 12, 2018

Lots of worlds colliding in the Captial of Ohio this week. We have sagara making national news, Com Fest only supplying Columbus local brews, and Canadian tariffs that will hurt the economy of one midwestern state more than the other 49. Which state could it be? Find out, on Columbus This Week!


#39 - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

June 6, 2018

Is maintaining employment a struggle for you? If so, statistically you don't live in Columbus. Join us this week as we chat about all the new shops opening, UPS hiring 600 new workers, and Columbus 2020 hitting their city wide jobs goal of +150,000 two years ahead of schedule.

In other news, nationawide children's hospital is now 3D printing organs, drawing on a dog with parmanent marker leads to a happy ending, and a background check CEO tells us why #MeToo means you should contract out your job candidate research.


#38 - Bring your baby to the bar

May 30, 2018

While Columbus may not have a reputation for tourism, it looks like we may soon the the elusive bar baby demographic, as multiple breweries and bars open their doors to the little folks who can't open the door themselves. If that's not enough to draw the tourists in, we also have sharpie dogs, #chipotleHQ2, and a lack of out of school suspensions. If you are a touring bum though, you may look to avoid Dublin, as the city aims to hunt down your kind and shame you with signage.


#37 - Market Gods and Squirrel Jihads

May 22, 2018

The gubernatorial race is heating up, as the most pressing issue of our time is on the table: Should we A) legalize sports gambling and give the money to specific groups in Ohio, or B) legalize sports gambling and give the money to the state of Ohio general fund; truly a moral black and white question. In addition, Columbus's housing market continues to rise unfettered, even despite the best attempts of local pink bombers and suicide squirrel saboteurs.

As for the feature, we attempt to convince your impressionable teen not to go to college. Eric wants them to go sit out in the desert for two years. Trevor would rather they go to trade school unless they have a (real) major in mind.

In central Ohio news, we have more gun control press sparring, this time from the Buckeye Firearms Association and Ohioans for gun safety. More smart city initatives are also moving forward, and Eric finds misinformation published by the New York times in real time.


#36 - Pills, Petitions, and Platitudes

May 15, 2018

This week we visit a city council meeting in Worthington to watch the sparks fly as second amendment drama is on the agenda. In one corner we have three overly meta teens, a handful of thirtysomething suburbanite moms, and a guy who swears he knows how guns work. In the other, we have boomers in "AMERICA NEEDS GUNS" shirts, newsletter soldiers, and 1,500 different statistics. In other news, the gubernatorial primaries are over, and we run through the policy background (or lackthereof) of each frontrunner. Cardinal health is also attempting to bleed heat from accusations in congress of purposely flooding West Virginia with opioids.


#35 - Biking into the Scioto River

May 8, 2018

CORRECTION: I referenced a letter written by a Worthington city council member named Scott Myers. In doing so I incorrectly referred to him as the mayor. I am an idiot, please ignore me.

It's bicycle safety month in the US, so strap on your helmets kids. A new shared bike startup comes to Columbus, with an interesting business model: You can leave your bikes anywhere when you are done with them, no dock needed! I'm sure this can't have any unintended consequences. In local news, Worthington heard quite an interesting letter proposal regarding gun control that one councilman would send to send to his state representitives, Columbus is looking to detect gunfire automatically, and the state of Ohio finds the letters AF very offensive for some reason.