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#67 - Speeding Past Stopped Schoolbuses

January 15, 2019

Ever find yourself wishing that you could just blow past a stopped school bus because you have better things to do then wait on a bunch of children to unload? A central Ohio Chief of Police found himself in that exact situation, and is now under investigation for a moving violation.

Continuing the trend of using Columbus as a test bed for rolling out national products, Microsoft and Kroger are partnering to create a 'smart' grocery store, with the intention of providing useful information, such as nutritional data on the shelves. The caveat here is that the technology enabled grocery shelves will also be used to shill advertisements.

The downtown CPass program is ramping up and has increased the ridership during the commute window by 17%. This, coupled with new parking regulations around the short north and surrounding areas, is surely the end for cars in Columbus.