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#50 - Shades of Scarlet and Gray

August 20, 2018

Lots of follow up stories this week, as the Urban Meyer OSU drama continues to heat up after the investigative committee follows up with Zack and Courtney Smith. In addition, we finally got to the root cause of the Chipotle food poising incident in Delaware county, the legislation around the 7% entertainment for Columbus is live, and the rental scooters are expanding at an explosive pace, with very tentative legal support from the city.

In new news, Grove City will soon be the hoppinest place in the world, as the host of the world's largest bounce house. Columbus makes yet another list about being a top city to live, this time taking the top spot for tech workers, we dive into why the metrics used to determine this result are skewed to favor certain locales over others like San Francisco. A Clintonville woman had an absurd amount of birds removed from her house via a joint effort of the local ASPCA and humane society. Want to know why she had almost one bird per square foot of house? Tune in to find out!