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#37 - Market Gods and Squirrel Jihads

May 22, 2018

The gubernatorial race is heating up, as the most pressing issue of our time is on the table: Should we A) legalize sports gambling and give the money to specific groups in Ohio, or B) legalize sports gambling and give the money to the state of Ohio general fund; truly a moral black and white question. In addition, Columbus's housing market continues to rise unfettered, even despite the best attempts of local pink bombers and suicide squirrel saboteurs.

As for the feature, we attempt to convince your impressionable teen not to go to college. Eric wants them to go sit out in the desert for two years. Trevor would rather they go to trade school unless they have a (real) major in mind.

In central Ohio news, we have more gun control press sparring, this time from the Buckeye Firearms Association and Ohioans for gun safety. More smart city initatives are also moving forward, and Eric finds misinformation published by the New York times in real time.