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#24 Plummeting Apparel Sales and the Fashion Wage Gap

February 12, 2018

Would you spend $50 on a shirt or $120 on a pair of shoes? If you are the average American, then you just answered no. This week we talk about what is causing the fashion industry to bleed out, race baiting flyers put up around Hilliard, and a software developer who sought to use sexual favors as currency.


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~~~~~~~Construction roundup~~~~~~~~~~

New 5-story building

~~~~~~TWO MINUTES HATE~~~~~~
Girl gives a classmate a blowie in exchange for being able to take credit for making a bitcoin tracking app

Apple Care damn you
Canada PM Trudeau faces PC backlash over 'peoplekind' comment

Nonstop flights to Austin lol
Told you so.
For Scan, Bag, Go, shoppers use a wireless hand-held scanner to identify items as they shop, or their mobile phone via Kroger’s app. The app can give customers a running total of their order, offer coupons and even steer customers to weekly deals.
'It's okay to be white' flyers begin appearing in Hillard, the community and the mayor respond predictably.
A Democratic group backed by former President Barack Obama said this week it plans to invest millions of dollars in state-level elections in 11 states this year, with its heaviest focus on Ohio.
In Ohio, a perennial political battleground, the committee plans to support Democrats for five offices — governor, auditor, secretary of state, Ohio Senate and Ohio House — as well as pushing a redistricting ballot measure.

~~~~~~~~~~~Debate and Discussion~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Male models get paid anywhere from 10-25% of what female models do on average.
Would it be cool to have Esports in the olympics? Which games?


The death of clothing - Americans are spending less on clothing than before - somewhat being blamed on Amazon (which is stupid).