#22 Crew News; Doctors urge Ohioans not to kill themselves

January 30, 2018

This week we are joined by a guest host and friend of the show, Sam, while Eric is on vacation. Lots of updates on ongoing Columbus happenings, as well as a discussion on a potentially controversial physician assisted suicide bill proposed on the Ohio legislature.

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-- Millenial Tower construction has been approved.

-- Indianapolis band The WldLfe is playing at Spacebar Feb 3rd from 9pm-12am.

https://twitter.com/search?q=donut dress code&src=typd&lang=en
-- The bar above the little donut shop has some interetsing things to say about certain groups of persons, also it's a laugh and a half because the sign is posted @ the donut shop itself

-- the NSA valued honesty and openness as core values, lolwut

-- Top 1% earn 82% of the World's wealth.

"Okay but like let’s not make any rash decisions @amazon. Call us when you’re ready. ☎️ #BringAtoB" - Birmingham, alabama
https://twitter.com/SteveDucey/status/955518012995416064 - more amazon salt
-- Mad about HQ2

-- Upcoming legal proposal to allow certain classes of persons to voluntarily end their own lives early

-- John Glenn has second busiest year ever, columbus shaping up to be a *TOURIST* destination.

-- Kroger is going to shuttle shoppers from closed norther lights location. Food desert?

-- Precourt hasn't been in contact with the city of austin RE construction so it's temp halted.


-- Montana implements net neutrality at the state level for isps

-- YOUVE GOT TO, MAKE A LITTLE PROFIT + BCC talk and scams in general

-- Company provides tracking info, unintended consequences. Would like a general exploration of the fact that we are being tracked everywhere, all the time. Your phone, youtr car etc can all be tracked.