#67 - Speeding Past Stopped Schoolbuses

January 15, 2019

Ever find yourself wishing that you could just blow past a stopped school bus because you have better things to do then wait on a bunch of children to unload? A central Ohio Chief of Police found himself in that exact situation, and is now under investigation for a moving violation.

Continuing the trend of using Columbus as a test bed for rolling out national products, Microsoft and Kroger are partnering to create a 'smart' grocery store, with the intention of providing useful information, such as nutritional data on the shelves. The caveat here is that the technology enabled grocery shelves will also be used to shill advertisements.

The downtown CPass program is ramping up and has increased the ridership during the commute window by 17%. This, coupled with new parking regulations around the short north and surrounding areas, is surely the end for cars in Columbus.


#66 – New Year, New Crew

January 2, 2019

Person of the year in Austin, Texas, wants the city of Columbus to know that is “very, very happy” for #savethecrew, and the city’s new sports venture. We also discuss how much efficacy matters in terms of the proposed $100 million in incentives the team has been offered by the city and county.

Business news: lots of local closures for the end of the year, and L brands is looking to sell off unprofitable ventures

Politics: GOP legislature effectively shot down by John Kasich after Kasich delivered on his lame duck vetoes for the gun and heartbeat/abortion bills.


#65 - The Vanishing of Urban Meyer

December 10, 2018

This week has been chock-full of followups to long running Columbus news. Leading off with the two big sports stories: The Crew 2.0, Columbus Edition is poised to receive a new stadium downtown, with heavy potential investment from many major players, including the city and the state, with a caveats. Urban Meyer is retiring after the Rose bowl, citing health concerns.

In city news, the ticket tax will soon have yet another exemption before going before the city council, this time for non-profits. One of the members of the Columbus board of education has resigned, citing numerous problems with school leadership and the governance environment. The republican party senators for Ohio have also sworn off passing the heartbeat bill, but their angle for doing so is...interesting, to say the least.


#64 - Oh Ess Who Turned Up The Heat?

December 5, 2018

While the Ohio weather meme might not always be true, it's certainly alive this week. It's December in Ohio, and it's been hot enough to go swimming outdoors, and cold enough to accumulate an inch of snow, within 40 hours of each other. Outside of weather gripes, we have a post mortem on the OSU Michigan game, more conflict over the ticket tax, and lots of controversial politics. Will the heartbeat bill be signed in law? Will Kasich be required to stand up to his party? Tune in and find out!


#63 - Ticket Tax Five: Ahnold’s Revenge

November 28, 2018

Who would have thought something as small as a tax on tickets within a single municipality could be so controversial that it has everyone from Mayor Ginther, to Arnold Schwarzenegger drawing battle lines? Columbus this week, that's who. Join Trevor this week, for a very political episode, where local politics intertwines with bitcoin, hit and runs, personal spending limits, and plastic bags.

Oh, and did I mentioned some jerk is going around sprinkling nails on state highways?


#62 - Forever a Bridesmaid…

November 21, 2018

...Never ever getting light rail, HQ2, or the hyperloop. This week we discuss OSU Michigan, the saga of the two hipster towers, Kasich putting his foot down on principle and ceremony against the GOP, and of course, Amazon deciding it can do without our dear city.

On the other hand, no one's rent is going up 40% (yet), so at least you can rest easy about that.


#61 - Ohio: Forever a Red State?

November 14, 2018

Update: Between the time this was recorded, and when you listen, Amazon made their final announcement on HQ2. We'll be releasing early next week to focus on the outcome, even though (spoiler) neither HQ2/3 is coming to our dear city.

The media is now swimming in articles about revoking Ohio's purple card, and sticking the red label on the state. Sam and Trevor discuss how much truth there is to that notion. In more local news, we have a hectic week of: a building burning down across the street from a fire department, JobsOhio suing businesses to recoup costs, the 'ticket tax' round three, and a five hundred person protest downtown.


#60 - The Unelectables

November 7, 2018

The mid terms are finally here, two local boys are scolded by CPD for flashing a bb gun, we have even more coverage of the child poisoned with meth, and we do a policy by policy stance breakdown to wrap up our local election coverage.

show notes: http://columbusthisweek.com/notes/60.txt


#59 - Poisoning Your Kids Candy

November 1, 2018

Another Halloween, another batch of parent who need to be pelted with snopes links until they stop claiming that malicious strangers are OBVIOUSLY trying to poison their precious Hayyden, Aiden, and Jaidan. That aside, this week we chat about the second amendment and the gubernatorial candidates, the hyperloop finalization, and scooter lawsuits.


Show notes:



#58 - Make Halloween Unsafe Again

October 23, 2018

We have a spooky episode lined up this week, as two central Ohio girls address the social media phenomenon known as momo, a creepy bird like being that has been ascribed to have done everything from convincing people to light buildings on fire, to bullying children into suicide, to doxxing, to [insert bad thing here]. Don't listen to creepy bird ladies on the internet, folks.

On the other side of the coin, the teal pumpkin project aims to make halloween safe and fun for all, and one of our lovely hosts has some major objections with being told that his decorations might be too scary for some children.

Also, go buy your own avacados kids, they don't grow on trees.